K's Budget Revisited...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So, okay, when I was taking a sneak peek at K's budget the other day, I realized that I mis-read some of the totals...

This is what I stated;

Telus Phone Bill: $40
Car Payment: $350
Telus Cell Phone Bill: $40
AMA Insurance: $202
BMO MasterCard: $200 (not sure if this is the minimum payment, but I'm guessing it is...)VISA: $500 (This was incorrect, it's actually only $50)
Rent: $300
Bus Pas: $75
Gym: $42.40

So, will that adjustment, and the fact that I over judged her income (I think she only makes around $1,400 from our shared job). Her other income is around $500 a month.

So.... income: $1,900
Expenses: $1,300
Difference: $600

I don't see why she complains that she's always broke!! It's because she's spending all that goddamn money. (excuse the swearing...).

I know when I first sat down and did some calculations I was shocked at how much cash I was blowing on mindless shit. And food. Especially food. Even now, I still allot $250 a month on food (groceries and dining out) which is huge, I know. The difference is, I don't have a car, insurance, two phones, rent, OR credit card debt. I justify my food budget, as I don't go see movies, go to concerts and, I put away $1250 a month in savings.

I wish she would let me go over her budget with her. I wish I wish I wish. But she doesn't want the help. She thinks that she's the only one in the world with debt and a crappy-paying job.

In fact, today, just as she was about to leave, she stated that if our boss comes in tonight (she runs two offices, ours being the smaller and requiring less supervision) to ask her if she'll be in tomorrow because K has something she really really needs to talk with her about. I asked if it was important and she said "yes" and left.

I have a distinct feeling that she's either going to tell our boss that she won't be able to continue her 1 year contract because she's dirt poor or asking for a raise. Now, I wouldn't mind a raise either, but we're a non-profit company that isn't exactly rolling in the dough. Plus, our salary is determined by a group of middle aged stuffly old men (our Board of Directors). I know our boss is always saying that she'd like to see us get paid more, but I just don't see that happening.

The thing is, she doesn't realize that no matter how much money she makes, she will never get out of debt if she is not careful with it. She keeps saying that if she was working full-time at her other job (a waitress), she could have bought a house by now.

Yeah....sure.... not with $14,000 in debt.