May in Review

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Okay, so, it's a couple days late, but I thought I'd post my May in Review for everyone to read!

Now, this month was a little bit different, mainly because I didn't keep track of my spending. I know. It's bad. It was actually a lot more painful than I thought - I was frustrated that I didn't know where my money had gone. It really reminded me how useful my budget has been.
However, for not keeping track of my spending, I still did an okay job at saving and boosting my networth. So, for all your viewing pleasure:

May's Total Income:
So, the income was pretty standard for May. I just realized now that I didn't update my Subway paycheque. I leave it at $300 until I get it, as it's usually just slightly over. Of course I've deposited that cheque and can't find the paystub. Oh well. But it's pretty accurate none the less.
These are my current Savings accounts balances. I don't include my Pre-Trip Cash savings, which I did open a 4th account with ING. This will show in June's month-end.

I have started a new fund called "Pre-Trip Savings", which ultimately has a goal of $2,000. This is a dynamic goal, so I might never reach $2,000, as I'm currently buying things that I require for my trip. To date, these purchases include some random stationary, a map, and some burnable DVD's (for storage). Hopefully I will have this fund either fully stored or fully shopped by the end of June.

Here is a breakdown showing some daily contributions as well as daily spending for this fund:

Other than that, I've included both May's and April's (late payment) in this month's contribution to my savings account. I still need just under $2,000 in this fund, and this will be accomplished by the end of June.

This chart shows my payments into this fund since it started:

You can see the little dip where I missed a month's payment, however I have put all the money I owe it back. I've been pretty good about staying on time with this fund, and while I hope to have it funded by June 30th, it may spill over into July. The original goal was to have it funded by August 1, 2008, so I'll still be a little ahead of schedule.

I didn't contribute anything to the London Fun Fund, as it is fully stocked. I guess I could take out the extra $147 that is in there and put it in savings, but we'll see how close I cut it.

And here, courtesy of ING Direct, is the nice little chart they provide me with showing me how I accomplished my goal. I'm very pleased that I was able to accomplish it ahead of time. That paved the way for other fun during the summer.

And now, finally, here is my Networth as of May!