April Fool's!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to April Fool's Day! Now that I've been paid and settled and everything, I thought it was about time to do my March re-cap. 

I didn't do great in March, I ended up over-budget, and it was all because of food. I bought and ate way too much food, as well as went out too much. I don't often eat out, mainly because I don't have a lot of outside work and flat friends, but I did end up going out a couple times with friends to celebrate random things, and that all adds up - especially at the end of the month when I know I have no money left.

So, in all its glory, here is where I stood at the end of the month:
So there it is. It would be, in fact more than that, if I hadn't had some extra cash gifted to me, which I used almost exclusively on food. Food seems, now, like such a waste of money, since it's not something that sticks around... it's just fuel. 

Don't get me wrong, I love food - and I enjoy food a lot, but I can't keep spending so much money on snacking. I've been good the last week when it comes to food (mainly since I had no money left!)

I'm still toying with my budget for April. I have extra money set aside for the spring (to the tune of £1,500 - but I'm not sure how to work it into a budget. I think that I will create two budgets, one to cover the basics then another one specially designed for the trip. I'm already starting to buy things now for the trip, including plane tickets and boots and such, and it seems odd to ding my curent budget and drain it of all its fun money to buy things for next month. 

We'll see how it works out! Will definitely be better than March, though. :)