Some thoughts from fast-food job...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Im standing here, in my Subway uniform, in a rather pissy/exhausted mood, thinking of all my little money-related pet peeves that I experience from behind the counter....

1) Don't make awkward jokes when your debit comes back insufficient funds. Even though I don't tell you, the machine tells me the difference between incorrect PIN and insuf funds. Don't try it over and over and over again and make awkward jokes about being poor. It's not really that funny...

(1A - Don't make more jokes when your VISA comes back declined right after your debit did. Maybe it's time to go home and make your own sandwich!!)

2) Don't keep your money in your bra. At least, don't hand it to me directly from your bra. I don't want your boob money. It's usually gross and sweaty. I don't need that.

3) Don't pull out a wad of cash (think over $700) and flip through it slowly just to prove to me how rich you are. I don't care. Plus, it makes me think one of two things (depending on your image), that you are either a drug dealer, or Daddy is giving you that cash.

4) Don't wait until you get down to the register to complain about the prices. The prices of everything is on the menu. Look it up. I don't make the prices, it's not my fault Subway is so expensive!

5) On top of that, don't complain about the prices when you are wearing your Hollister shirt, your Puma shoes, your D&G hat and your Chanel purse. Are you kidding me?!

6) Please don't hand bills to me all scrunched up. I'd rather not have to unfold them. If I could hand your change back to you all scrunched up, too, I would. (Note to self: Develop Magneto-like powers).

7) When the total comes to $9.77, don't have $10 to me and ask if you could "just get a quarter back." Um, no. You can't. Your change comes to $.22. Do I look like a penny-making machine??

8) When the total again comes to $9.77, please don't spend 2 minutes looking through your wallet, your purse, your pockets and you shoes for $.77, only to dump the dollar in change into our 'take-a-penny' jar. If you weren't going to keep the change, I could've gotten the $.23 change much much faster.

9) If you are part of a couple (or other type of pair) where both people want to pay for the couple's order, please decide ahead of time. I can't stand it when both people shove $20s in my face and expect me to pick one of them. I will take the one closest to me or I will just stand there until you decide. Seriously.

That really rounds them out. And, surprisingly enough, in the last two hours of my four-hour shift this evening, I've encountered all of them *sigh*.

Bad Blogger!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I have been very disrespectful of my duties as a blogger it seems. So sorry for that.

Of course, that doesn't mean that I haven't been reading all of your blogs, I just can't seem to keep caught up on my own.

I still haven't booked either of my flights (Calg - Hamilton and Toronto - London), as I'm still hoping for some sort of sale. However, as I do know myself, I have come up with a list of minimum requirements for me to buy a plane ticket. As I check places like Flight Centre and Expedia constantly, I know that prices change daily, if not hourly. When I do see a good deal, I tend to sit back and think "Well, what happens if there is a BETTER one tomorrow!" and pass on it, when really, I should've just purchased it.

So, here are my three minimum requirements for me to jump on a good deal:
1) The flight is under $600 for one-way
2) The seat width on the airplane is a minimum of 18" (and I'm not just trying to be a brat about this one.... I just can't fit comfortably in a smaller seat!)
3) No stopovers! (I don't want anyone losing my luggage again!)

I'm still checking daily, and hopefully will see a good one pop up soon!

I have some exciting news to share regarding those red progess bars on the right, but I will save that news until everyting clears. Hee hee.

My grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, and their two children, ages 4 and 8, are staying at my house for the summer. It's very hectic, but my youngest cousin drew me a picture today, and while I may be skipping rope with my hair and wearing a very ugly bright pink dress, it does make up for all the times they scream and yell.

I have a lot of things on my to-do list, and with summer quickly running away, I fear that the lasat couple weeks before I leave are going to be hectic. Very hectic, indeed.

Sorry for such a quick post, I just feel so bad everytime I look at this blog sitting all sad and empty!

Oh, and I'll also do the breakdown of the Seattle trip, in case anyone is hanging on the edge of their seat for that one. Hah.