Thursday, September 10, 2009

Here's a photo of a deer I took in a park just outside Hampton Court Palace. Thought i'd share a photo to mix things up. Hope you enjoy it.

There, I've changed (temporarily, I imagine) the layout to give me a boost, but have lost my blogroll... silly me. I've got everything saved somewhere, so I'll redo that at one point. In the meantime, stick around... good things to come!

Another fun fact about me: I also love stationary. Staples is one of my favorite Canadian shops.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I've lost direction with this blog. And purpose. That's not to say that I've lost interest in finances, nor have I stopped reading any of your blogs. I've just lost the desire to blog about my finances.

I'm inclined to say that finances aren't playing as large a part in my life, which is only partly true. While I was planning this trip here, to grand London, I thought about money day and night, and it ruled my life. Every day spent planning how I was to get here, and blogging helped me relieve that stress. I still check my finances on a daily basis, and I constantly readjust here and make sure that I can stay as long as I want, but the stress is gone. The stress is what makes me blog - and my money just isn't stressing me out anymore!

I suppose it's good, but I feel a nag everytime I log onto other blogs that I own (and maintain far better... ), and feel like I'm abandoning my baby.

So... a couple changes are in order. I am going to maintain this blog... and continue to maintain it, I promise. But I need to change direction. Not away from money, but towards everything and anything else. I need a blog just about me. And I need a change in decor. That'll come soon enough. I rearrange the furniture in my room quite often (as much as I can, it's a small room with build in cupboards), and need a change here too.

So welcome. Here's to some more blogging!

And a fun fact about me: I love Stephen Fry. Love love love.

Oh dear lord....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I just realized right now that I had switched on comment moderation and then promptly forgotten to moderate any comments! Not that I had more than one.... but still. Thanks for the concern regarding my absence, or should I say, total slackerish tendencies when it comes to up keep and the blog. I've opened two other blogs, not so recently, that I seem to be better at maintaining. One is a travel and photo type blog so that my friends and family can keep track of what I'm doing, and the other is strictly photography related, and it links to my flickr account and what not. Those of you following me on twitter will notice that my username have changed along with my blog, so if you want to track down the new blog, feel free. Not to say that I'm getting rid of this one, but I just don't seem to be good enough to maintain them all sucessfully.

My visits for the summer are done, and I'm up to my armpits in things to do in September, which is good. I've made the decision to push back my return to work for another month, in light of all the stuff I want to do in September. This will mean that the money will be cutting it close (not super close, but still close), and hopefully I'll be able to find a part time job to pair with the full time (er... 25 hours a week) job that I'm returning to this fall.

Still trudging... still trudging along. And I climbed up the Clock Tower to see Big Ben today! 334 steps and I don't feel too bad. :)