Arguing about Apples

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My life has been quite hectic over the last money with so many visits from friends. It has been stressful and wonderful and above all, very very busy.

Other than the boring basics, I would like to share a recent argument I had with one of my visit friends, over something that would seem quite trivial, but really aggravated me.

We are at the grocery store buying some food for the following week while her and her boyfriend are staying with me - we are all buying food seperately, so it's not really any of my business, but here goes.

She goes to buy apples - debating over which kind of apples to buy, when they finally decide on a brand. She goes to pick up a carton of 4 pre-packaged apples, for a cost of £2.64. I point out that a bag of 6 identical apples is on sale half-price for £1.60ish. She turns around and tells me that she only needs 4 apples, and should buy the carton instead. I immediately give her a strange look and point out that the other bag is more than £1 cheaper than the other, and that she'd be getting more. She gives me a bit of attitude and says that no, she only needs 4 apples. And in the meantime I'm thinking Right, I know, but you could do something else with the other 2 apples, like give them to me, or my housemates, or the birds! Yikes.

I didn't press the matter further, for a couple reasons. First of all, she can be quite quite stubborn and argumentative, plus it's her money, and really, I didn't want to press the matter. But seriously, it would'be been such an simple answer for me - buy the cheaper bag, and eat as many apples as I could and toss the rest - all while saving over £1 - $2 in Canadian money.

She is trying so hard to save money and be frugal while out here, and while I didn't want to push the matter, it seems quite, well, stupid to me to spend money unneccesarily while on vacation. Especially on something like apples. Hmmm.

Am I crazy? It seems odd that I was quite worked up over it, but it frustrated me to no end. Argh.