We need to be Debt Free...?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I can't seem to access JW's blog at We Need to be Debt Free.... anyone having similar issues? Did something happen? I hope everything is alright.

On another note, unfortunately the Netherlands is turning out to be quite expensive. Well, it would be expensive if I was spending money, which I am not. The exchange rate between the Euro and the Pound is a close 1 to 1.07, which makes things here very expensive to buy. If I were to buy a coat at H&M, for example, it would cost me 30 pounds, but 40 euros. Usually, given the exchange rate, this would mean spending the same amount of money, however, right now it makes Europe very expensive. Too bad - there are some nice things here.

Anyways... back to being a social being and not hogging my friends' computer.

25 Things

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Well, while I don't have my spreadsheet around I can't exactly comment on much that is money related, so I thought i'd do my version of 25 Things! Everyone else seems to be doing it, and since no one has tagged me, I'm going to do it myself. So here goes, 25 things you didn't know about me:

1. I have an obsession with organizational stores - I once spent 3 hours in "The Container Store" in Seattle agonizing over what I should/should not buy.
2. I really hope Windows 7 is good, because otherwise I'm going to buy a Mac when I go home.
3. I no longer have any of my wisdom teeth.
4. I only sleep best when I am surrounded by at least 4 pillows - two under my head, and one on each side.
5. I can't stand it when my fingernails are short - I can't pick anything up!
6. I HAVE to multitask.... all the time. I can't just watch a movie, I have to be doing something else at the same time, even if it's doodling.
7. I wonder what YOU think I look like. (And I wish I knew what YOU looked like!)
8. I can type really, really fast. I believe that came from playing a lot of text-based games in my youth.
9. I also can't wait for the release of Diablo 3.
10. I love airports. There is an excitement in the air - people rushing, people meeting other people, jetting off to exciting places.
11. I can't take care of a plant to save my life. I just kill them.
12. I will visit outer space one day, even if it costs me my life savings.
13. I still worry that people think I'm a tourist when I'm in London.
14. As a child, I fell down in our living room and put my top front teeth through my tongue. You can still see the scars.
15. I have my conch peirced. And yes, it hurt like a bitch.
16. I have never broken a bone.
17. I would love to learn to speak many languages, including German, Spanish, Punjabi and Afrikaans, but I lack the devotion to seriously master any.
18. I do everything left-handed, except write.
19. I like the way I write.
20. When I was a child my sister, dad and I used to spend every Saturday having a movie-fest. We'd watch horrible old movies like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and the Godzillas all day. I now have a love of crappy-old horror movies.
21. I hate modern horror movies, though. Can't stand the anxiety.
22. I want a tattoo. I have a design in mind but can't think of a good place to put it.
23. I made cookies from scratch for the first time 3 days ago, and they were good!
24. One of my biggest fears is losing everything. I don't think I am one of those people who could sell everything I own and bugger off. I enjoy 'things' too much.
25. I'm really good at putting IKEA furniture together.

Well, that was an odd combination of things. I hope you enjoy this little peek into my life. I enjoy reading all your 25 Things.


Monday, February 2, 2009

I guess I never really mentionned this, but I flew out of London Saturday morning to visit my friends in Leiden, The Netherlands (close to Amsterdam). I'll be here eating Dutch food and taking pictures of windmills until February 9th, so don't expect a whole lot of posts between now and then, although, I will state the following:

  • The exchange rate between the Euro and the Pound sucks! It's basically 1-1, which sucks for me.
  • Leiden is a lovely little city - it's got all the best parts of Amsterdam without the drugs and sex.
  • I'm trying my best not to spend a lot of money, and have been really successful so far, wandering around and taking pictures is much much easier than visiting museums, unless, of course....
  • It's miserable and cold outside here. Very very cold. Colder than London (although, today London got a huge dump of snow and none of the trains are working! Ha!)
Anyways, I'm out to take some pictures. I'll try and post here and there during the week.