Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I've lost direction with this blog. And purpose. That's not to say that I've lost interest in finances, nor have I stopped reading any of your blogs. I've just lost the desire to blog about my finances.

I'm inclined to say that finances aren't playing as large a part in my life, which is only partly true. While I was planning this trip here, to grand London, I thought about money day and night, and it ruled my life. Every day spent planning how I was to get here, and blogging helped me relieve that stress. I still check my finances on a daily basis, and I constantly readjust here and make sure that I can stay as long as I want, but the stress is gone. The stress is what makes me blog - and my money just isn't stressing me out anymore!

I suppose it's good, but I feel a nag everytime I log onto other blogs that I own (and maintain far better... ), and feel like I'm abandoning my baby.

So... a couple changes are in order. I am going to maintain this blog... and continue to maintain it, I promise. But I need to change direction. Not away from money, but towards everything and anything else. I need a blog just about me. And I need a change in decor. That'll come soon enough. I rearrange the furniture in my room quite often (as much as I can, it's a small room with build in cupboards), and need a change here too.

So welcome. Here's to some more blogging!

And a fun fact about me: I love Stephen Fry. Love love love.