Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's flippin' cold outside. Like, -52 C with the windchill cold. The kind of cold that kills people. Yuck.

I hate this weather, and, at the same time, I'm oddly proud of it. I always laugh when I talk to people who live in warmer climates and they talk of "really cold weather" - referring to, oh, maybe 5 C. I feel robust and strong when our city doesn't completely shut down when we hit temperatures such as this.

Even then, I am huddled up in my room, wearing more layers than usual, with my feet over the hot air vent, typing to you. Now all I need is tea...

Today was a reasonably good day. I'm starting to feel very poor at my job - and not in the $$$ sense. I feel as though i'm no longer doing a good job. So, this afternoon I was very productive. I did some stats and typed up a bunch of shit. I still didn't turn the phones on, which I really must do. It's starting to show in the stats, and that's not good.

K, as always, was pessimisstic. She greted me with "I may be going to Europe!". I was all excited for her (even though in the back of my mind, I was thinking "how the fuck are you going to pay for that?!"). She stated that her bf is going to Europe on some geology-type tour and that she may go with them. Sounds like a fun tour. It's 6 weeks and it's all through Eastern Europe - a place she'd like to go.

The meeting is tomorrow night. The catch? She can't spend more than $4,000 on this tour. I'm thinking - not gonna happen!. We paid $4,000 on our 3 week tour of Europe. I extimated that this one would cost $6,000 or so - she scoffed and retorted with "Yeah, I can't affoard that."

I wonder if she ever really thinks things through....

But, besides that, I've updated my budget for February according to what I spent in January. I have come to the realization that I spend a lot of money on food. Like, a lot. $300 ish dollars. Yikes!

Good news though, I am gettting three other-job paycheques this month! I get one cheque every two weeks and as such, I am getting three this month - which is a very nice surprise. Not sure where that extra cash is going to go, but probably to savings! :)

Anyways, I'm off to cuddle under a very heavy, soft, warm blanket. G'Night.