Was very pissed off yesterday...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hello Hello again.

Sorry that it's been a couple days since my last update. I've been working both jobs a lot and never really had the time at work to write since K is there a lot and most of my posts are about her.

She said something to me yesterday that had me fuming aaaaaaaall the way home. I was getting ready to leave the office here and head to my other job and she stated something along the lines of "sucks that I have to stay here until 7:30 p.m." and I replied "yeah well i'm heading to my other job, I won't be home until 9:30 p.m.". She paused, and replied:

(Sarcastically) "Yeah, it must be really hard to be baller."

I asked her what baller meant and she replied "rich". I 'laughed' it off and left.

I hate that she thinks that my life is so damn easy and that she's been given the shitty hand.I

I almost retorted "it's not my fault I have no bills and no debt." I didn't, because I know it'd become a pity fight. She thinks that she needs all the shit she buys and that somehow she got roped into having debt.

I wish I could grab her around the neck like Homer grabs Bart and ring some sense into her. I hate that people think everything in my life has come so damn easy.

For her information,
My parents didn't give me anything for college. Not one cent. I paid for everything and made smart decisions, such as taking the bus (NOT having a car) and taking a year off (which earned me around $13,000). I also worked part time (usually around 20 hours a week) all the time. Yes, all the time, during school.

On a side note, I just heard on the radio that Heath Ledger died in his Manhattan apartment today. I'm midly shocked.... and curious to see what the cause was....