What a Weekend!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Yikes! Time sure flies by when I am not paying attention! This weekend was a whirlwind of sickness, working and hanging out with friends.

I got sick on Thursday, which soured my mood. My sister and several people in both jobs have been sick on and off and since it had been about 3 weeks or so and I hadn't gotten sick, I thought that I was in the clear - yeah not so much. I felt it comming on Wednesday night, and as such, I popped over to the local Zellers for some cold medication. Well, thursday morning I work up and BAM! - The cold smacked me right in the face. All of thursday I felt completely rotten. Friday was slightly better, but since Friday, i've felt almost 100% better! I almost never get over a cold so fast! I still have a bit of a cold, but other than that, I'm feeling like myself again.

For the first time ever, I tried ColdFX - and, honestly, I think it worked! I'm usually such a skeptic when it comes to these so-called 'miracle' products, and, of course, it's hard to absolutely say it was because of the ColdFX, because I have no way of knowing how long I would've been sick had I not taken it, but it seems to work very well. I bought the 3-day extra strength stuff, and started taking it on Wednesday. I finished on Friday and haven't taken any more since. My theory is, that the ColdFX stuff gets the cold in and out quickly - that's why I got it so fast, and partly why I think it left so fast. I'm going to keep this stuff around and see what happens next time I try to use it!

Suckers not cheap, though, a three-day supply cost me $11.97 and the larger bottles are much more expensive. Although, if it continues to work as well as it seems to, I figure it's the price of staying healthy during the cold season.

I spent Saturday laughing so hard I thought I was going to burst. I spent the day with a couple of friends that I went to college with. We were inseperable in college, but since then, it's hard to get together. Two of them have husbands, one has a 2 year old, and we all live in opposite corners of the city. It was great to see them, and S and I had a nice conversation on the way home.

We were talking about how difficult it is not to compare yourself with those around you. Her and I are both in a little slump right now, with no logical reason for it. We've just graduated college, basically the whole world is ahead of us, but we're both struggling with the feeling that we don't yet belong anywhere.

For example, here are the situation of the 4 of us:

Me: 23-years old. Just graduated. Working two jobs. Still living at home. No spouse/sig. other/children (thank god!). Currently have $6,700 in bank. Moving overseas in the fall.

S: 23-years old. Just graduated. Currently only working part-time. Looking for a new job. Won't settle for less than $32,900 a year. Still living at home. No spouse, but currently has bf. Currently has $9,000 in student loans, but is paying it back slowly every month.

S.M.: 29-years old. Graduating in the fall. Working 1 job making $10 an hour due to difficulties at last job (job was pushing her around, being dicks, she quit with a big f-you to all of them). Currently living in grandmother's home as rent on previous home was upped to $1,100 a month. Has a husband and a two-year old. Luckily for her, parents babysit during the day. Unknown how much debt, but I know money is tight for them. Trying for a second child in the fall.

L.B.: 24-years old. Just graduated. Working full time making $35,000 at a shelter. Has a husband who works from home. Owns a home in a small community outside of big-city. Just bought a new car. Unknown money situation, but she's pretty well-off. Planning to start a family in the fall.

S and I were taking about how we compare ourselves to other people. L.B. and S.M. both have homes (renting or owning), cars, husbands and/or children. Now, having a husband or a child isn't on my to-do list for the near future, but it would be nice to own a home or even a car!

At the same time, almost everyone says to me "I'm so jealous that you're moving to London." And I'm sure some people wish they could still live at home rent-free to save money. So I guess, everyone's got something someone else wants, hey?


Canadian Saver said...

Glad you're feeling better! I'll look into the Cold FX stuff too...

It's hard to tell what someone's finances are like if they don't share... There are always good sides and bad sides to each and every situation.... your observations about your circle of friends are interesting!