A budget speedbump

Monday, April 7, 2008

Well, I went shopping today. Just like I said I wouldn't. And I bought lunch today. Just like I said I wouldn't. Whoops!

On the bright side, I found my mom a cute pair of earrings $30 and a little silk fortune cookie $4 to wrap it in, as well as a birthday card $5 for her birthday tomorrow. She didn't want me to get her anything because I did take her to the play with me, but since she was kind of my "my-friend-backed-out-and-no-one-will-do-with-me-will-you-come?" date, I didn't expect her to pay!

I wish I could've had more time and money to spend on her, but I'm trying not to go overboard. She gets embarassed when I spend (what she calls) too much money on her, but I know that she doesn't go out and spend a lot of money on herself, while my dad is always buying movies and dvds and eating out. I only think it's fair, but that's okay. I am still happy with what I've found.

On the darker side, I put the earrings and box on to my VISA. I have a new theory that I thought about while buying the stuff. What I will do is Monday, when I go to take out my $200, I will minus the price of whatever I put on the VISA, and take out the rest of the cash. That way, I'm still ahead of budget, all I did was dip into next week's budget. Yay!

I still did feel a little dirty using my VISA card. That's a new feeling...

Plus, I was going to buy her a lottery ticket, since I like adding that $2 excitement into a gift, but I comepletely forgot my id at home! Sigh! I thought about going to try to buy the ticket and hoping they wouldn't ask (they usually don't, after all I am 23), but I knew that the woman would ask, and I didn't want to go through the embarassment of saying "I forgot it at home", because I knew that crabby old woman would think I was just playing her. Gah. I could wander over to the 7-11 tonight (it's about 2 blocks from my house), but I'm already in my jammies and all I want to do is crawl into bed.

You know what, screw it. I am going to go get her the ticket tonight. I want to give her a complete gift, I might as well just do it. Plus, me (and the dog) could use the excersize.

After that it's bedtime! :)


Fabulously Broke said...

I do that thing with the Visa card too. I put everything on there, and just mark it in my budget as being "spent"