Another month passes by....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

... and what a horrible blogger I am!

I appologize yet again for the lack of posting. My world has been turned into nothing but boxes, packing tape and endless lists.

I'm less than a week away from leaving, and it hasn't really hit me yet. I had one mini-meltdown that ended in tears and cold feet, but I'm over that now. It was a bad mix of feeling like things were being forced on me and PMS. Damn those hormones!

My finances are in tip-top shape, however. I've got about $20,100 in savings, along with my £1000 in cash for the trip. This £1,000 will cover me for my first week in London, along with a downpayment on an apartment. I wanted to take out £1,500, which would've covered me for the first week, a damage deposit and the first month's rent, but I wanted to do it without taking money out of savings and I hadn't been paid yet.

I haven't been paying attention to this blog, because really, this hasn't been where my mind is set. I still am reading all of your blogs daily.

Either way, stay tuned, as I get settled in London I plan to get back on track. I am working on a budget right now, as we 'speak'.



Laura said...

Best of luck on your big adventure - you will have such a great time! Ignore the loneliness that will probably set in at the beginning, it'll go away as you meet new people and get settled. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Canadian Saver said...

I was wondering where you were! I am very excited about your trip, I really, really, really hope you can post all about it!!! That's the beauty of the internet!

Take care and have a great flight over if I don't get a chance to comment again before you leave.

Congratulations on all the hard work you've done for your savings... it's amazing!

Frugal Dreamer said...

Wow!! Congratulations on all your success! I just happened to stumble across your blog. I am also located in Canada, I'm over in Vancouver, BC. What an exciting time for you, moving to London!! What a change that will be from cold Alberta! :) Best wishes to you!!

LeighAnn said...

I can't wait to see photo updates on your new adventure.

Have you been ok?


Jerry said...

Big moves lead to a ton of stress, I'm not surprised that you weren't blogging! We just moved to Europe ourselves and it was really overwhelming (well, it still is - we've been here for a week). It's exciting, though, and gives some great insurance that you will have stuff to blog about! Good luck...

Cassie said...

I'm glad you're back, I've been missing your posts!