Monday, January 19, 2009

Miss FB over at Fabulously Broke in the City made a good comment on my last post! She asked for some photos of London life. I had not even realized that I haven't posted any photos! Yikes! I have a blog reserved for family and friends which I post daily photos and thoughts, but since that blog posts personal information (like my address, etc), I won't link there.

However, I will offer you some of my favorite pictures from London, and, I promise many more photos to come!

(We'll start with London, I'll post some nice photos of Cambridge, St. Alban's, Dover and Paris later!)

Here is the photo I took over Trafalgar Square during Christmastime. The tree this year wasn't as impressive as some I've seen (in pictures!) in the past, but it was still lovely and festive.
This is a picture I took when I rolled over in bed one morning. This is the radiator beside my bed (it was off, so don't worry - I won't start any fires!), and I thought it looked so peaceful with the books and my tree stickers. I bought the stickers at Ikea before I left home, and although they are crappy quality (I had to put all of them up individually with sticky-tac), I like the way they look.

Here's another shot over Trafalgar Square at Christmastime. I like the way the light looked from behind Nelson's column, illuminating the fountains and all.

This it the view looking west over the Thames from the top of London Bridge (officially known as Tower Bridge... but its that big blue one that you recognize...). You can see the top of St. Paul's cathedral in the middle-ish, as well as the H.M.S. Belfast on the Thames.

Here's a rainbow that I spotted in the skies one afternoon after some rain. This is also the view over my porch.

Here's a photo I took looking up from under the London Eye one lovely blue afternoon. I've only ridden the London Eye twice, and probably won't ever do it again - it's very expensive.

Although it's a lot of fun to photograph.

There's the a-fore-mentionned bridge, as well as the Tower of London on the right side.

This is the Albert memorial. I saw this view just as I was leaving Hyde Park the other day and loved the sillloutette of the statue against the dusk.

Here's another photo I snapped walking in Hyde Park. I liked that I caught the silllouette of the bird against the sun-reflections in the water.

I snapped this photo while at Hampton Court Palace - all the little seagulls were staring at me while I stepped closer and closer to them.

This is a fountain at Hampton Court Palace.

These are the fireworks that they set off in Wimbledon Park for Guy Fawkes Day. Fortunately I also took these photos from my balcony.

And here's my postcard London shot. Red Telephone booth? Check! Big Ben? Check!
I hope you enjoyed these photos! I promise that I will start adding more photos as I go!


Fabulously Broke said...


I loved the shots. You have quite an artistic eye... I like the one of the seagulls the best, I think.

It makes me want to visit London even more. It looks lovely.

Fabulously Broke in the City

"Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver."

Al said...

You probably know this already but Re. the photo from Tower Bridge, London Bridge (the official one anyway!) is the next one - just the other side of HMS Belfast.

Arual said...

I love the story of how the Americans thought that tower bridge was London bridge and purchased it, only to receive a regular bridge!
And I can't wait for your pucs from Cambridge. I was there last summer and I fell in love. I wish I could have had a Cambridge University experience :)

Thanks for the pics...they reminded me of my trip.

Money Funk said...

Very cool pics. Love the seagulls :-)

Hey, we have the recreation of the London Bridge here in Havasu, AZ.