Friday, January 4, 2008

My boss' sister D, as nice as she is, made me some cheesecake on Tuesday. As silly as I am, I left it at work and completely forgot until tonight. But, alas, tonight I picked it up and it was very yummy. My mother said that she couldn't taste the cheese part, but I could. Yum yum.

Sometimes I wish her and I were the same age, as I think we would make very good friends. I still consider her to be a good friend of mine, but it's sometimes hard to relate to each other when there's a 7 year age difference between us. She's in a different part in her life, joking about getting married and getting old, while I feel as though my life hasn't really started. I really do look forward to working with her.

I sometimes wonder, though, if we'd actually get along outside of work... it's one thing to be work friends, but I don't know if we'd have anything to talk about outside of work...

K is letting me sleep in tomorrow instead of showing up at 7:30 a.m., which is very nice of her. She took Monday off to spend time with her brother, and I thought about taking tomorrow off completely, but then i'd still have to work the other job from 5 to 9, which kind of ruins the day. So i'll be going in around 10 a.m. I think.

I'm staring at this $150 pinned to my bulletin board... I want to spend it... No! I can't! It's savings!

I bought a book this evening called "A Million Bucks by 30". It's by a guy named Alan Corey. I got the title and idea from another blogger by the name of Give me Back my Five Bucks. I'm a big fan of her journal and read it as often as I can. I read the first chapter of the book online, and it made me laugh, something books don't often do. I'm excited about starting it.

In fact, i'm going to wash up, put my jammies on, and crawl into bed with this baby. My dreams will be filled with financial-type-thoughts, i'm sure...