You Take Great Photos - What type of Camera do you Have?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I hate that comment. I want to slap people who say that and tell them that it's not my camera that takes good photos, it's me.

I was thinking about that comment when S said to me regarding my plan to save $10,000 from now until August 1 and her mounting debt "once i start making some more flow then i can put more into it" - in S-speak that means that when she gets more money, she'll be able to pay off her debt. It's the same attitude that K has regarding leaving this job for a better-paying job at the diner.

On the same matter, K and I had another financially-related discussion when I mentionned to her as well that I wanted to save $10,000 from now until August. She asked how that was possible and I stated that I bring in around $2,400 a month and only have two bills; a $40 cell phone and a $75 bus pass. She scowled and stated that her bills alone were $1,400 a month. She mentionned most of her bills, stating that it's not like she was spending my on useless things *cough*cough* Nintento Wii.....lunch every purses..... *cough*cough*.


I didn't say anything, I just sympathetically shrugged. What I really wanted to ask her was:

1) How are two seperate phone lines "neccesary"?
2) Can't you work out at home? Is the gym really worth $500 a year?
3) That still means you have $400 left at the end of month! Why are you poor?!

But, I didn't say that. I didn't say anything. I'll let her figure it all out. She argues that at her other job, she'll be working 4-10 hours shifts (still 40 hours a week). She'll be earning around $1,400 a month in wages and another $1,000 a month in tips. She stated that previously, she would put her wages to her bills and save/spend the $1,000 extra. That still means that, even if she put her full, extra $1,000 to her credit card, it'll still be 16 months for her to pay it off. I'm giving her 2.5 years to get it all paid off.

If only she knew....

On another matter, H called tonight, asking if I wanted to join her and M tonight. I know that she isn't packed at all, and needs us to help her pack.

Good news, I just called her. I won't be there until 7:30 p.m. tonight and our friend M wants to be home for 9, so there won't be much packing on the agenda anyways.

On a more scheming level, the real reason I am going out with her is that I want to get her debit card number again. I had it, and I know the password to her TD account. I like to check up on her once in a while to see how the debt is progressing... I know it's bad. I don't care.