Dear TD Canada Trust...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I hate you. You charge me too many fees. I want to leave.


I got my statement today, and while I had already seen the balance online, I was kindly reminded yet again that I had to pay almost $7.20 in fees on a $3.95 plan. Why, you ask?

I went over the limit on my debit withdrawls. But, the problem is, most of those were transfers to my ING accounts. Now, I understand that technically, those probably count as withdrawls, but it still sucks.

I wish I could move all my accounts over to ING Direct. They are awesome.

I'll just need to start making 1 lum-sum payment to ING Direct and then diverting it through there, instead of making individual payments.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

As a former employee, I would advise you to take your money elsewhere. You will get charged the most ridiculous fees. Also if they see you are going over in withdraws they should upgrade your account anyway to save you money. They DO GET SR points for that so therefore people aren't doing their job! GOOD JOB TD, keep hiring these people!!!!!