I'm pissed off...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

...And thinking about investing.

Those aren't really connected, but it's what I'm thinking about right now.

I was watching HGTV, but my dad came in and changed the channel without even asking if I was watching that.

No, I was just hanging out in the living room alone. With the television on for noise.

These last couple days have been touchy between us. He's just been pissing me off with pretty much anything he does.

I'm taking this as a sign that it's time for me to move out.

I'll be out soon enough.

Speaking of moving out, I was looking into the ING Direct "Streetwise" Mutual Fund. I haven't quite looked into it, and don't really have much knowledge about it, but it would be nice, given that I'll have $10,000 or so kicking around for a bit before I'm going to need it.

Anyone know of any good sites/banks/etc that will teach me about mutual funds and/or investing?