Last Week's Goals

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Last week I made a goal of only eating out once a week. (Well, technically the goal was to NOT eat out at all, but I had previously made lunch plans). And, i'm pleased to say that I achieved this goal!


  • Cheaper! I spent about $35 for groceries for the week - for both home and work compared to over $100 in fast-food/restaurant eating
  • Food is healthier
  • I feel more satisfied when I munch all day than eating one gut-busting meal (ie. carrots, crackers, nuts and a sandwich rather than a huge fast-food meal since I'd be starving!)
  • I feel healthier and have more energy.
  • I don't have to go outside when it's -50C
  • I'm a good influence on K.


  • I don't get outside when the weather is nice
  • It can get monotonous and boring (it's already starting to..)
  • I don't get the excersize of walking to and from places.

Now, yes I know, most of the cons are things I could be doing anyways. I've got to start getting outside and just walking, even when I don't have to buy lunch. Like, right now, I could go deposit my fast-food work cheque instead of sitting in the office, but complacency often gets the better of me.

I also need to start finding some diferent food items to be bringing to work. I've been on a big spinach dip-fest recently and have been consuming spinach dip and french bread as my main course on almost every meal since Thursday. Today I think i'll stop by the organic grocery store and pick up some hummum. Mmmmm hummus.

This week I'm trying to pack a lunch every day too, but I might treat myself and have lunch with K (okay, I lied, I'm not a great influence on her...) on Friday when she gets back from vacation.