So far so good for PayPerPost!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Apparently I am called a "postie"!. I kind of like that.

So, I signed up for PayPerPost. I've seen some of the articles that Krystal from Give me Back my Five Bucks has written, and I thought to myself "What they hey! I might as well earn as much extra dough as I can with this blog!". Now, of course, that's not my first goal with this blog, is it meant to be an outlet for my life and finances, but I figure, it doesn't hurt to at least be paid for the time I spend here. So I signed up.

The process was very easy. I went over to the website and signed up. It took a couple of days for my blog to get "approved" but I got the e-mail this morning that it was approved! The website is incredibly easy to navigate and they seem genuinely dedicated to us "posties". I'm looking forward to getting ahead!

The thing I like the most about PayPerPost is that you can choose your opportunities. You don't what to write about soup? Cameras? Websites? Fine! You don't have to. You can surf the webpage and pick and choose things that you would be writing about anyways - except you'll be getting paid. I'm looking forward to writing about things I already care so much about - travel, photography, the internet, and, of course, finance!

If you are a blogger that would like to write about as many (or as few!) things as you like for a little bit of extra $$$ - check out PayPerPost!

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Check out this link above if you'd like to join the PayPerPost group!



krystalatwork said...

Hey thanks for the shout out in this post! Just an FYI, PPP will reject this post b/c it has a link to my site. If you remove the link, your post should get approved (you won't need to resubmit it), as I'm sure they haven't checked your post yet.

L said...

Thanks for the heads up!