The template stays! (for now...)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Well, looking at some of the poll results, look like you folk either like the new layout or don't mind it. At least no one (so far) hates it. Thanks to the 6 of you who replied (or the 1 of you who answered 6 times!) So, I think i'll be keeping it for a while. I have a feeling that I'll get bored of it after a month or so. Maybe I'll change templates each month to correspond to a new monthly challenge!

Today was a rather un-frugal day. I managed to break the old, crappy desk chair that I have in my room and had to go out and buy a new one. My progress ended at IKEA where I found a lovely little desk chair, sitting comfortably under budget at $99.99. My budget was $120. Usually I wouldn't spend this much on a chair, but I can spend upwards of 4 hours a day in this chair, and need something with support and such. Wheels are handy, too. While I was there with my mum, she bought me a new duvet and cover as she believes that I need a new one. I'm perfectly happy with the old one, but she says that she can see the grunge. I think it's a mother thing. Either way, the new set is lovely and matches a lot of things nicely. It looks more, ahem, grown up than the last one, which was a print of Vincent Van Gohg's Starry Night painting.

Are you watching the oscars tonight? I was, for a while, but I got bored and returned to surfing the web/playing grand theft auto III. I haven't seen any of the movies that were nominated for an oscar and nothing exciting was happening so I gave it up.

I found out an interessting thing about K the other day. Her grandparents gave her around $30,000 for her education. $30,000. And somehow, she's still $10,000 in debt?! I just don't understand! I didn't ask if she'd used it all up, but something tells me she has. It was an investment, and I know she said that she borrowed against it for both of her cars at one point. Silly girl. When will she see that it's her money-management skills, not the size of her paycheque, that'll help her out of debt.

I'm not sure if I mentionned this either, but I might be getting a raise at office job! We've been unable to secure a person to take over for K's job, so they are looking at raising the rent. Currently I'm making $12 an hour, but there's talk of bumping it up to $14, $16, or even $18! When they said that, my mind started spinning at once - but this time, it was with thoughts of saving and investing and reaching goals! Hah. I must be crazy. At least i'll have $$$.


Canadian Saver said...

I voted for the template to stay, I like it :-)

Good luck on getting a raise!!