Things I learned Today.

Monday, February 25, 2008

1) I had 22 people visit this site yesterday. You guys rock! It's nice either way to get my thoughts out on digital-paper, it's nicer to know that there is someone out there that actually wants to listen! I absolutely love reading all your blogs, and I hope you enjoy your time here!

2) I will be getting a refund in the vicinity of $800 this year for taxes. This is just an estimate, as I haven't received all my forms yet.

3) My other indebted friend (aside from K), H, is over $15,000 in debt and is considering buying a $1,000 camera tomorrow. In fact, she probably will buy said camera. K thinks I should've talked her out of it, but I don't think it was my place. (More on that later...)

4) I am horribly impatient. I can't wait until I can do my month-end summary, get my last two paycheques this month, transfer money to my savings, get my tax return, and update my spreadsheet! Ack!

5) I love canned mandarines in light fruit juice. I've eaten them daily for about 5 days now and still find them as tasty as ever - cheap too!


Anonymous said...

I can already tell I love your site. Adding it to my blogroll...

And BTW: $800 refund so far? Cool! That'll be a welcome check, huh? Although it does make you wonder at the government's borrowing so much.... sigh.

L said...

Yeah it is pretty cool! My old job never took that many taxes off, so I am unaccustomed to (maybe!) receiving such a huge refund!

Thanks for adding me - I can't see your page from you profile, but be sure to send me a message and I can add you!


L said...

I guess I should've sneaked around on your profile for longer! I already have you on my blogroll. Duh!

Thanks for stopping by, and likewise about your blog - I love it!