Another Weekend Flies by...

Monday, March 10, 2008

And a good Monday morning to all of you! That time change this weekend sure messed me up - not sure when it's supposed to be dark/like out, who knows!

I spend Friday night and Saturday working and earling the dollahs. The job is starting to get tiring again, and I think it's time that I get a break. This week is going to be rough as every day that I am not working at Subway, I am doing other social-things. And while social things are fun, honestly, I don't count those as "days-off" - days off to me mean sitting around in my jammies, watching movies, sleeping, and puttering around at home.

We are having a home inspection on Tuesday for insurance purposes, and as such, I spent Sunday cleaning the room. As I was cleaning my room, I was looking around and trying to think of what I was going to take with me and what I was going to pack away when I left for London. Slowly but surely I'm packing things away in boxes, properly labelling them, photographing their contents, and putting them back into the closet. I don't want to get to London, realize I want an item out of a box, and make my mum sort through all of them to find the item. This way, I can say, "Can you get X item out of box X?". Makes things much easier.

On the London side of things - I have received so many great, encouraging comments! You guys rock! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that people care so much. I have decided that I am going to start a list on one of the columns here that records all my London posts. I have found very little online in terms of helping people who want to move from Canada to the UK, and I would love to be able to start a website or something regarding that. For now, I will stick to just keeping my posts organized.

In the meantime, the Carnival of Personal Finance is up and running at Quest for Four Pillars. I didn't submit an article, but I love reading them. Plus, it's a Canadian blog - and it's nice to see articles relating to Canadian finance things. Go check it out, if you haven't already.

My favorite post from the carnival is from Blunt Money, Good News! You're standing in your own way. It really captures exactly how I feel about so many whiners and complainers in my life. Next time K or something replies with a "Yeah but, I can't..." I'm going to turn around and say "You can't? Sounds to me like you don't want to..." Hah. It probably won't end well, but it might get her thinking.

I am a firm believer in mind over matter. (No, I'm not a crazy scientologist who refuses to take medication! Right now I'm on DayQuil as I'm still sick! :D ) I really do believe that if you put your mind to it, you can get out of debt or achieve any goal you want to. Saying "I can't" really means "I don't want to/I don't know how/I'm too lazy". You can do it. As Nike would say, Just do it.


Canadian Saver said...

Thanks for the link to Quest for Four Pillars' carnival of pf.. I hadn't seen that.

Great idea about taking pics of your box contents!! That's so organized!

Hope you feel better soon :-)

Four Pillars said...

Thanks a lot for mentioning the carnival. You should enter sometime.