Savings Goal 1 Accomplished!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh happy day! With my tax return, and a spare $100 from March's budget, I have reached my first savings goal. I now have over $1,800 in my Plane Ticket - VISA fund!

Here is the chart of my payments into my VISA fund. It looks very impressive with that little jump there, but that was all my tax return.

I'm glad that this is paid off now, as this fund will be accessed before I even leave. I will need to be applying for my VISA within the next 6 weeks or so, and hopefully purchasing my airplane ticket around the same time, if there is a sale.

Speaking of airplane tickets, anyone have recommendations from Canada for airlines? Most likely I will be taking a Greyhound bus from here to Toronto ($137 - dang cheap - unless I can find a cheaper flight), visiting some family there for 2-3 weeks, then hopping a plane over to London. I'd like to fly cheap but comfortable. And, I'd like the seats to be at least 18" across - for comforts' sake. I'll probably end up flying with Air Canada - we'll see. (If you ever want any information about seat sizes, pitch, airplane size, maps, best seats, etc, you have got to check out Seatguru. They are simply the best resource I've found for flying.) I flew to NYC using Flight Center, but has anyone had any sucess with others like Travelocity, Expedia, etc?

And, even though it isn't month-end, I figured I'd share the balences of my other savings accounts, before I update the sidebars accordingly. I actually haven't been paid (job-paid) this month, so my Plane-VISA fund is the only one to have received any money, but once I get paid again, I should have no problems adding my regularly sheduled $1,400 a month to my Savings. Actually, I could probably bump that up since I won't have the $140 to add to my Plane fund anymore. We'll see.

There are my savings bank totals. Everything seems to be comming along nicely. This also means that as of today I have a grand total of:

£3915.92(not including fees they take off for exchanging money...)

That's not as impressive, but still a big number. Budgeting for around £550 a month in basic expenses, I'm looking at, right now, having seven months of paid expenses. Or, that'll cover me for a security deposit, one months' rent and utilites up front, then an additional 5 months of expenses. Either way, my ass is covered should I not get a job right away.

I'm thinking too much!


Esme said...

I love seatguru. You want to check out for find cheap tickets as well.

They are great for finding cheap tickets especially if you are willing to make stopovers.

dreamy1 said...

My sister reccommended airtransat when I was looking to book my flight to Manchester. I ended up not using them, but they did have a direct flight and round trip was about $550US.

Congrats on funding your account! I know it feels great.

Canadian Saver said...

I'm amazed at how much you are saving!!

My sister has used Orbitz for her flight to Denver and used Expedia for hotels. That's the one I was checking too for flights/hotels to Paris... I had never heard of Flightcentre until today!