Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What do they say? It usually takes 30 days to make or break a habit? Something like that? Well, it seems that I've surely developped a habit of bringing my lunch! I haven't even thought about fast food yet this week - it just seems like a bigger pain in the tush than just bringing it from home and eating it here in the office. So far it's working out well for my $$$$ and my waistline!

I'm a little panicky right now because I won't have any money to take out for next week's $200. I've got about $275 left in my chequing account to pay off the clothes charge from last month's VISA, but I won't be getting paid until the 15th. So, I will have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to take my $200 out again. I will need to work on my buffer money again, as I did let it dwindle last month. I'd like to keep a minimum of $1,000 in there to waive the $3.95 a month fee, but I earn more interest having that $1,000 in savings.

I spent Monday and Tuesday nights cleaning the room and deciding what I wanted to keep/store/donate/sell of my stuff. It's a little sad, I feel like those couples on Til Debt do us Part that don't realize how much money they've spent on junk until Gail shows them their rooms full of crap.

Okay, maybe I'm exagerating. Maybe. I just have a lot of junk. I really do wish for a simpler, de-cluttered life, and in a way that's what I'm looking to have in London. But, for now, it's a sad state of affairs just how much money I've spent on things that I'll be selling for maybe 10% of the original value. I'm hoping that a garage sale will be a sucessful venture, we'll see. Early May to late May is a good time to have a garage sale, so I've got to get hopping and get some of this stuff cleared out.

In the meantime, I'm looking up "garage sale pricing" on google, as I find I usually under-price things at garage sales.

I should also mention, you guys are awesome! You have left so many kind comments and suggestions! It makes me smile everytime I check my e-mail. Thanks a million!

Oh! I also got my $20 from Pay Per Post! It is now safely deposited in my PayPal account. It's very cool, $20 for maybe 3 minutes worth of work. I don't know what I will do with it. I would like to have my PayPerPost money (not that there's any more comming my way right now) to be put aside for 'fun', but it seems that there's probably a better use for it. We'll see. Either way, nothing like (almost) free $20!


Fabulously Broke said...

same here.. I'm in the midst of cleaning out and being less cluttered

LeighAnn said...

You are awesome too!

And don't worry about making it a couple extra days. You will do fine.....food is the only issue.

Keep it up!

LeighAnn said...
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Fabulously Broke said...

oh and it's 18 days I think.. then it becomes a habit

Victory said...

Just a note - I think you said your ING account only earns about 3.3% interest, and that is on an annual basis - you are only earning approximately $2.75/month in interest on that $1000, probably! You would be better off leaving the $1000 in your TD account rather than paying $3.95. Can you use PC Financial in Western Canada? I've been using them for free banking for a couple of years now, and I love not paying fees!