April Budget and Goals

Monday, March 31, 2008

Okay, so, I've made some changes to the format of my budget, as outlined here and here. I have switched to the envelope system, but by 'envelope', I mean, fancy coin purse. That's right. Hah.

By the by, how does one actually spell 'envelope'? I feel like I'm messing it up everytime I try to spell it. I'm smart, I really am....

So, my new budget spreadsheet looks like this:I have decided that rather than applying any leftovers from my budget to savings, I will put them into my last coin purse, which I have labelled 'bonus'. I figure if I know I have to save the extra cash, I am more likely to just spend it, so this way, if I want something really bad that is our of my budget, I can try and save as much as possible, and convert the extra cash to apply towards that purchase. Right now I have $7 in it, which was leftover from last month's non-existant budget.

Also, rather than carrying around $800 in cash at the same time, I'm taking to pulling out $200 a week every monday.

I will then break it down like this:

  • $63 - Food
  • $12 - Transportation
  • $50 - Personal
  • $25 - Entertainment
  • $50 - Misc

Today is the first day of my new budget! I'm going to visit the bank later this afternoon and take out my $200. I will also deposit a paycheque and some other earnings. Excellent!

I have also set out a number of both pf and non-pf goals for April:

Pf Goals

  • To not go overbudget in any category.
  • To contribute at least $1,400 into London Savings
  • To bring a lunch 3/5 days a week.
  • Don't buy anything that I won't be bringing with me to London, except perishables and (some) clothes.
  • Renew my Learner's license.
  • Make $15 with PPP.

Non-Pf Goals

  • Get my paperwork filled out for my VISA.
  • Get passport photos taken for VISA
  • Visit Edmonton and get fingerprints taken (I think this is cool!).
  • Set daily goals at work and accomplish them.
  • Find my mom a killer b-day present.
As I think of more I will add them. I think that that is a good start!


Canadian Saver said...

You're going to need a bigger purse if you're going to put the leftover $$ in there :-) After a few months anyway :-)

Your taking major steps for your move!!! I hope it goes smoothly.

Your budget looks great! Good luck :-)

Fabulously Broke said...

Your budget DOES look great..

It is spelled "envelope" by the way :) en-ve-lope is the way I remember as I sound it out.. yes.. very kinder of me.

As for the whole.. cash thing. Wow. I couldn't do the cash thing. I rely on my credit cards + debit cards to keep track of where my money went, but I treat it like cash.. when I buy something on CC, I go home and pay that exact amount right away

Anonymous said...

I think you do an incredible job! Your budget is a perfect, fun way to keep track.

Keep it up girl, you are inspiring!!!!