What my budget looks like!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last night I took some photos of my budget for all of you to look at. So, here you go!

(I did find a similar coin purse at another store yesterday afternoon, so now I have five of them!). This is all of them together in a little box I have in my room. This is the green coin purse that I'm using for food. Currently it has the following: My learner's drivers license, my Air Miles card, $70.24 in cash, and a little card I made to remind myself what I am using this bag for.
This is the coin purse that I'm using for Transportation/Communication.
Other than my little 'reminder card', I have $14.63 left this month. I shouldn't be spending any more money in this category this month, as I have already paid my cell phone bill.
This is my favorite color. I'm using it right now for my personal category. This is what is in there. I've got all my rewards cards, along with a MAC gift card and a Sephora gift card (received for birthdays). I've also got $4.83 left in here.This is the wallet that I'm using for Entertainment.
Right now, this one is the fullest. I've got my rewards cards, a coupon for free photos, and some theatre tickets for a play next Sunday. I've also got $15.71 in cash left.This is the new coin purse I just bought. It is holding my Misc. fund. Right now it's got:

My HBC card, a card-store card, as well as $42.63 left in cash.

So there you have it. That's what is in my purse if you were to look into it today.

In response to a comment I got yesterday, I'm not sure what I will do with the left over money. I have been throwing around a couple different ideas. Thse include keeping the leftovers in their own coin purse and using that to save up, putting all the excess into savings, or putting it into a separate category for a different type of spending (such as frivoulous spending or other stuff). Any thoughts??


Bouncing Back said...

Cute Wallets, can't wait to hear how it all works out for you!


Anonymous said...

That's a great idea. How do you pay your cell phone bill in cash though?

And do you carry these all with you wherever you go?

Canadian Saver said...

Oh that is too cool!!! Love those little wallets :-)

L said...

Thanks :)

Yes I do carry them all around with me, lol, my bag is pretty huge - but it works. I figure that when I know I'm only going out for dinner I can just take the food one.

My cell phone bill actually comes out of my dad's account, so I just pay him cash. His company signed a deal with Rogers a couple years ago, that had some really good plans, so he got two cell phones under his name, and just let me use one. We still haven't changed over the name...

Anonymous said...

I am going to try the same thing. I think it would help me to stay on track and not over spend.

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

I even ordered the same change purses!!

Now all I need is a box!

Lilo said...

So cute! Where can one find those purses?

Fabulously Broke said...

that is freaking adorable....you make cash look fun

Anonymous said...

Lilo: Here is the link: http://www.espe.ca/Onlineshop/Product/Wallets/product-peacecoin.html