Wednesday, March 19, 2008

There! I've settled on a new template. I like this one since it's wider - I can put more in the sidebars without squeezing it onto one page. I appologize if you don't have a widescreen monitor - I'm not sure how this will look on a regular one.

I must admit, though, I'm getting midly competent with this whole HTML thing! This one only took me about 15 minutes to get all together, whereas the last one took me several hours.

Again, I've put a poll to the side, if you'd like to vote, please do so.

I'm looking forward to having Friday off, I'm feeling midly overwhelmed with everything I have to do at home.


Canadian Saver said...

Oh yes, this one is nice too!!

I also look forward to having tomorrow off! Have a great weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

Can you do me a favor.....can you email me the budget template you use?

Thanks girl!