Til Debt do us Part

Monday, March 17, 2008

I've been watching Til Debt do us Part over at Slice.ca - soooo many episodes but it is as obsessive as ever.

There are so many couples that are hiding fiances from each other and even themselves.

Finances are such a taboo subject. I find myself pretty blunt about finances. I'm pretty open about how much money I earn, how much is in my bank, etc. Most people I know say things like "I'm so broke" and "There's no money" but are hesitant to answer in-depth questions.

While K was good at checking her balance and online bank account information, however, my friend H doesn't even know what her bank account is sitting at. She gave me her bank account info a long time ago, and since I'm a snoop, I peek in on her accounts once in a while and see how she's doing.

Sometimes I just want to call H up and tell her how much debt she's in, but I won't. That's not my place. She's incredibly lucky, since she never seems to max things out. She's within $50 of blowing her limits on both her $14,000 line of credit and her $2,500 CC, not to mention the $500 overdraft on her chequing account. But, she never hits the limit, so she never knows how close she is. It's scarey, but there's nothing I can do until she asks. It's not my place to boss her around.

I know this point was brought up a while ago, but I wonder if everyone would act the same if they had to wear their net worth on a sign around their neck? It would look a bit rediculous yes I agree, but how differently would you act?

As a cashier at Subway, it's horrible, but yeah, I do judge people. I judge them when I see their debit go NSF on a $4 purchase. I judge people who come for a $15 sandwich 5 days a week. Maybe I would think differently if either of those people broadcasted a $50,000 networth.

My networth is a little over $7,500 right now. I'm not sure how I would act.

How would you act differently if you had to wear your networth on you forehead?


JW said...

Thanks for the information about slice.ca and the televison program Til Debt Do Us Part. I went to the website and tried to watch it but, I got the following message: Sorry! This video is not available in your country?

L said...

That's odd! Maybe the website was down? Where are you trying to read it from? Here in Western Canada it seems to work just fine...

Fabulously Broke said...

I totally wouldn't act differently.

I tell everyone I meet that I'm in debt. I'm not afraid of it, it's student debt and I'm proud of the fact I'm about to have cleared $53,000 in a little over 2 years

Oh and jw = it only works for Canucks, like how we go to ABC network and we can't watch American shows online because we're from Canadia