My giant purse!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

On Thursday my friend S and some of her friends went to the movies in the evening. While they were at the movies, their truck got broken into and all their stuff got stolen.

Of course, most people's reactions to that would be "Why did you leave all your stuff in your car??". But, when you , think about it, how often have you left something in your vehicle and had nothing happen to it. Hind-sight really is 20/20.

The stuff that got stolen, amoung other things, S's boyfriend's Ipod, S's Mastercard (doh! She called to cancel it, but the theives had already bought $200 worth of cigarettes on it - of course she doesn't have to pay for it), assorted clothes and purses, and probably some cash.

Now, I've worked at a Police Station long enough to know that in all reality the police will never find the person who did it, nor will they find her stuff. It's sad, and it's frustrating to say, because that's a good chunk of change for the girls to replace.

I feel really bad for her, and could only imagine what had happened if I had gone with them (the invitation was open, but I had to go home and feed the dog). I carry a lot of stuff in my purse. And, now, just for your viewing pleasure, I offer you an inventory of what would've been in my purse had I gone and left my purse in the vehicle. (I rarely do, because I like having my purse on me, but still.
This is my purse. It's a giant, red, Matt & Nat bag. I absolutely love it. It carries around pretty much anything I want, including work clothes, lunches etc, without looking bulky. The extra-wide strap also helps the comfort level when I'm carting around tons of stuff!

Value: Around $135 brand-new.

This is the collection of some of the more expensive things I cart around. First, my polaroid camera - not really worth-while anymore, but the film that is in it costs me around $33 for a pack of 10. Then, the Ipod Touch. I also tend to have my Nintendo DS Lite on me regularly (I'm allowed to play at work) with 10 games.

Value: Ipod touch is about $400, Polaroid and photos, maybe $40, Nintendo DS and games is probably around $350. This is a collection of notebooks I carry around with me. The first on the left is where I write down gift ideas and such that I see. I am always seeing things that look cool or make me think "Oh, X would love this!" but when it comes around to buying birthday or holiday gifts, I can never remember what I was looking at. So, as part of my new years resolutions, I am writing this stuff down. The middle book is where I keep notes regarding cameras, pictures and ideas about photography that I have. It helps to track what you're taking a photo of, so that when you get them developped you don't sit back and wonder "What on earth was I taking a photo of??". The last book is my money book. I use this to keep track of my spending when I am not around my budget spreadsheet.

Value: Around $60 for all three books.

This is just a collection of some of the random things I have strewn about the purse; crackers left over from yesterday's lunch, gum, spare change that never made it back to the wallet, pill container and hair accessories, and finally, compact powder.

Value: Not including the $$, maybe $40.

And, another expensive peice: A pair of Chanel sunglasses that I bought in London last spring. This was one of three major purchases I had planned when I went to London. The other two were an original-old school umbrella and a Mason Pearson Hairbrush.

Value: $450.

Now, if we're playing the hypothetical game, so chances are I would've taken my wallet into the theatre with me, but what if I hadn't?

This is my wallet. Yes, it's Matt & Nat again. Yes, I know I have a problem. It's okay.

Value: $75
This is the inside of my wallet. I've got a VISA card, an AmEx, TD Debit Card, ING Debit Card, Driver's License and School ID - which doubles as my bus pass.

Value: $9100 in credit limits, $2500 in overdraft available on my Debit, and $95 for the bus pass.

This is the other side of my wallet. It contains all my club cards, savings cards and gift cards.

Value: $40 or so on gift cards and points available to redeem.

And, finally, the money part of the wallet. I've got about $165 in here in bills and assorted change. Yikes!
Value: $167.24

Well, there you have it - my purse and wallet. The grand total should it ever be stolen?

A whopping $1772!
(Not including credit limits and such.)
I think I need to rethink what I'm carrying around on a daily basis. Also, come to think of it, I didn't includ my cell phone, which is sitting comfortably in my pocket. That pushes the cost up over $1,800! It's crazy to think what would happen should I ever get mugged.
What about you? What do you carry around on a daily basis?


Canadian Saver said...

(I had a long post written out and clicked the lil x to close this window arggh)

I am a voyeur when it comes to things like this, I love seeing what's in others' purses (and houses, and medicine cabinets, etc).

You have a lot more than I do!! I probably have less than $100 usually in my purse, but I have over $300 in cash right now plus my CC with a $10,000 limit.

My purse itself is by Nine West, I got if for $25 at TJ Maxx.

My wallet is a black Esprit leather, probably around $70 when it was new. It's so old (but still in great shape) I don't recall...

I have gum, kleenex, a daytimer, a few pens, my cell phone (7 years old!), a bunch of work keys and an assortment of pills (Pepto Bismol, Tylenol and Prevacid) so I'm ready for anything.

Also have a mirror but no makeup, except some lip balm.

In my wallet I carry the odd coupon I get off the shelf at the grocery store... the thieves probably wouldn't use those ;-)

Love your sunglasses btw!!!

Great post :-)

Anonymous said...

Really interesting post! BTW: I LOOOVE your Matt & Nat bag. It's gorgeous.