It snowed 1.5 feet this weekend...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Isn't it supposed to be spring? I guess I should know better having lived here practically my whole life. Yeeesh. One day it's t-shirt next day it's winter coat. Ahhhh.

I spent all of yesterday cleaning and organizing my things. I'm trying to get things sorted out for both the move and my planned garage sale later next month. And man, do I ever have a lot of stuff!!

It's a very daunting task, trying to figure out which stuff to take and what to sell/leave behind. I always get so emotionally attached to my stuff, and don't want to part with it. At the same time, I have just a lot of stuff that has little to no attachment.

The plus side is, that all the junk is sorted into boxes by category. Things like "Camera Stuff", "Desk stuff", "Books" and "CD/DVD". It's a lot of junk. Hopefully I can sell some stuff and pull a decent profit at a garage sale.

On the money front, I didn't buy anything all weekend! Not that I was trying to have a no-spending weekend, it just turned out that way. I have yet to deposit my paycheque for Subway, which I really should've done 2 weeks ago when I got it. I may still do that today sometime.

However, I think I will head over to Staples and buy this computer mouse. I'm not usually one to subscribe to the "wait 6 months and if you still want it, buy it", but I just toyed with the idea of this mouse forever. It's been more than 6 months since I first saw it, and I just love it. I'm so bad for scrolling from bottom to top of documents, and I think this one will work wonders for me!

I also think I will join Krystal's May Grocery Challenge. I will set myself a challenge of spending $0 at the grocery store. Sound crazy, you think. But the thing is, as I live with my parents, they still buy groceries. When I buy groceries, I buy junk food and crap I don't need. So, by restricting myself to buying no groceries, I will force myself to cook and dig healthy food out of the pantry, rather than buying junk. Yum Yum.