Oh dear...

Monday, April 21, 2008

I might actually be in the red this month. That's scary. Well, it is a lie, since all I'll do is only transfer $1,000 of my $1,400 due to my savings account and use that $400 as a buffer and throw $1,800 into savings next month, but it is a scary thought. What is pushing me over the limit is the $500 some odd dollars I paid to the dentist this month for a cleaning and an emergency toothache healing. Now, I might be getting 80% of that back, which would be nice, but this is why you need an emergency fund people!

Now, to slap myself a little bit, I don't technically have an emergency fund. I have three seperate savings funds that I could've dug into, no problem. But that's not the point. I don't have any fund dedicated specifically for emergencies, and that's a lesson to me. Note to self: While in London, an emergency fund is a must.

Speaking of London, I also learned a couple things from my friendly neighborhood TD CanadaTrust representative. It's going to cost me $5 to take out any amount of money from any bank in the UK (not including the fee that they will charge me and the fee that TD charges me to exchange funds.... doi), but, I can take out up to $1,200 canadian dollars each time. It's not cheap moving places!


Debt Fighter said...

You have been tagged for a financial esqe 5 point meme.. have fun ;)

Canadian Finance Guy said...

The five bucks it pretty standard. Most ATM's will not charge any fee, in fact I don't think any bank machine charged me a fee when I was in the UK.