Thursday, April 24, 2008

So I went luggage shopping with my mom a couple days ago to see if I can possibly get a peice of luggage that would be tall enough for my tripod (28' high) and my umbrella (34' high). Well, I have come to the conclusion that most luggage will fit my tripod just fine, I cannot find luggage that will fit my umbrella. Won't happen. I picked up some of the biggest peices of luggage I could find (the kind that I laugh at in the airport thinking 'who needs all that space?!'), and my umbrella still can't fit in, even diagonally.

So, I have a dilemna. I love the umbrella. I bought it in London. It's made by an old school umbrella-making company and it's the old-style long ones. It has a rosewood handle and is black. It also cost me a pretty penny: £49.95 to be exact. I'd hate to leave it here, only to have to buy another one there - it certainly rains in London!

Now, Air Canada used to allow umbrellas on-board, exclusive of your carry on items (purse and luggage), but taking a quick peek at their website, doesn't look like they do that anymore:

I'm not sure if umbrellas fall into the 'outer garments' section. I doubt it, knowing airlines. My umbrella could be used as a weapon. I suppose. It's kinda pointy.

So, then, I have a problem. I could pack it in a box and check it, but that means that I'll only be able to bring 1 checked item, otherwise I'll be charged for having a 3rd peice.

If I knew someone was comming to visit me soon, I could get them to bring it - but no one I know is comming here directly.

Well, that'll be something I have to think about. I suppose it wouldn't be the end of the world to buy a new umbrella - but I was just talking about buying things I don't need/ already have!



Arual said...

What about a hockey bag? When my boyfriend moved here from Newfoundland, he packed all of his stuff into a hockey bag. Maybe your umbrella would fit into one.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just mail it to yourself there??

Bouncing Back said...

They probably won't let you take the umbrella on the plane, check the airline web site, but the other option is to mail it to yourself (which may cost as much as a new one) or just buy yourself a smaller, yet not quite as spiffy, umbrella.

The closer you get to departure, the more you will rethink each item you plan on taking. It may be worth the money to pay for an extra bag of things that you really feel the need to bring. The idea of a hockey bag is a good one, but again check with the airline to make sure they won't charge you for an oversized bag.

Canadian Saver said...

Mailing it would cost a lot since they will take the dimensions over the weight to calculate the rate. If it was just a bit shorter, you could send is as a small parcel and that would cost substantially less. To qualify for international small packet rates, it has to be less than 90 cm when you add the length, the width and the height...