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Monday, January 7, 2008

So, okay, remember how I was talking a couple days ago about K's budget? I pretty much guessed her budget and said that I couldn't see how she was still in debt. Well, I don't like making uneducated judgements about people, so on Friday, while she was in the bathroom, I snuck a peek at her budget book (yes, I'm sneaky!). So, here's her breakdown:

Telus Phone Bill: $40
Car Payment: $350
Telus Cell Phone Bill: $40
AMA Insurance: $202
BMO MasterCard: $200 (not sure if this is the minimum payment, but I'm guessing it is...)
VISA: $500
Rent: $300
Bus Pas: $75
Gym: $42.40

Total: $1750

Her income from our shared office job is around $1,600 and her income from her part-time job is $400 a month (which I find hard to believe, since she works both weekend days and states that she can pull in $100 in tips alone in one day). So that brings the total to $2000, leaving her with a spare $250 each month.

Now, as I stated earlier, she is eating out almost 5 days a week with me, which costs her an average of $150 a month. I'm not sure what gas costs, but probably $50 a month I think? So that leaves her with $100 a month to put on her debt (or, more likely, spend)...

Now I have a couple issues with her budget. She seems to think that she requires two phone lines, one land and one cell phone. I don't see why. I would cut the land line. I would also call both credit card companies to see if I could get the interest rate lowered. I would also cancel the membership to the gym. I don't think she's gone to the gym in months (if not years) and that is an extra $500 she is throwing away every month. But, of course, I can't tell her what to do. Anytime I try, she retorts with "But yes, I need those two phone lines..."

Uh huh. Sure. Whatever you say.

Oh a side note, I am currently sitting in the office with one of our volunteers, A, and she has just moved into a new condo. She just gave me this story about how her and her bf just bought this new 42" tv and how they got such a great deal on it and ended up getting a great deal and saved something like $600 bucks. However, I am thinking that they still ended up paying $1500 or so, and worse, they put it on a payment plan! Siiiigh. Why do people think that they need such large televisions. She's going to be paying that $50 a month for a loooooong-ass time.

Where am I going to go for lunch with S today?


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