Facts and Figures

Monday, January 5, 2009

Well, I've got good and bad news. The good news is that I have a plan for the rest of... well.... my year. The bad news is that December was rough. I didn't keep track of anything that I bought, and I bought more than I should've. I don't think that I spent more than £1,000 or £1,100ish, but I really have no idea. However, I worked lots during December, so I did manage to earn a fair amount of money.

However, I did go through all of bank balances and totalled up all the money I have. It is as follows:

Cash on hand: £292.16
TD Account: £953.56
ING Direct: £3,453.49
Barclay's: £3,324.88

Grand Total: £8,024.09

I am still waiting on at least one paycheque from work, so I have slightly more money than above, but I'm not 'counting' on it for my budget.

So I have a new budget. Here's the breakdown:

Rent: £415
Bills: £60
Food: £95
Fun: £80
Transportation: £50

Total: £700

It's quite a limited budget I know, but this is just for January, February and March. I'm going to focus on being creative with the things I want to do here in London. I know that the family visits in April, May and June will cost me money, so I have budgeted £1,500 for April and June to cover for any additional expenses while the family visits.

If I can stick to this budget then I will be able to make it to September without needing extra work. I will most likely start looking for work again in July, but I like to have a couple months of wiggle room.

It was very sad to leave my current job. I was only a Christmas temp, and as such, my contract expired on January 3rd. I'm going to miss them all so much, and I really, REALLY enjoyed the job - more than I thought I would. The good news is, they liked me just as much as I liked them, and are going to keep me 'on the books' so that they will call me if someone takes a vacation or something. I like the idea.

Anyways, enough babbling. I'm working hard on eating myself out of pantry before I buy more groceries. Take it easy, folks.