What to do?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today is my day to stay home and vigorously clean the flat in preparation of having several people view our spare room over the next 4 days or so. I am very pleased that we've had a good reception to the ad (I was worried that no one would answer), I would rather stay in bed all day and watch QI (my new favorite show with Stephen Fry).

Either way, I will clean.... later.

At the same time, I have very little food left in the house. If you look in my usually-stuffed pantry shelft, you will find now cereal, carrots, gravy bits, a can of sweet & sour sauce, and a some jaffa cakes. In my fridge I have shredded cheddar cheese, ranch dressing, and some sliced ham.

Mmmmm... what to do. I will no doubtedly have to do some grocery shopping later, but the choice becomes whether I cart my bum all the way to Sainsbury's and stock up for the next two weeks, or if I just wander down to my local grocery store and buy a couple things for the next day or so. Hmmmmmmm. We'll see how ambitious I am later.

For now, I guess lunch will be jaffa cakes, carrots and ham. Yum.


Money Funk said...

So, I am guessing you just went to the local market and grabbed a few things? :-)

December proves a hard month to keep track or stay on track of money. But, least your paycheck earned a good amount. I am sorry to hear that job ended, as you sounded to really enjoy it.

You've planned well in your move to London. Why only 2 New Year's? What is after that?

Spetacular view. And I am totally jealous that you are living my dream. ;)~

How I wish there was the availability of the internet and its vast information and blogs such as yours back in my younger days.